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In MediaTeam, we conduct academic basic research and applied research. Applied research is conducted in close cooperation with businesses and communities. Our work environment is dynamic and international. MediaTeam looks for talented people who are interested in the field and who often have succeeded well in their studies in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.

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MediaTeam favors teamwork, which, at least for the time being, has not gained too much ground in the university world. Teamwork has many benefits: a team member can always ask other members for advice, meaning that no-one has to deal with difficult situations on his/her own. MediaTeam develops vast end-to-end systems and each researcher has a personal share in this development - the teams work seamlessly towards a common goal.

The main benefit from teamwork, however, is probably good community spirit: the MediaTeam Spirit. When researchers feel and know that they belong to a distinguished group of congenial experts cheering each other on, even routines become tolerable.

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