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The core of research comprises of innovations. The innovation process begins with basic research producing new information and proceeds to development of commercial products and their applications. The results are utilized and combined in applied research, the purpose of which is to demonstrate the added value incorporated into the chosen application by the new scientific knowledge. The results of applied research can further be utilized in new commercial products. MediaTeam operates in the first half of this innovation chain, but also takes part in implementing the results with the companies in the field.

In our research, we concentrate on the following areas:

The traditional waterfall model of innovation cannot produce new technological solutions quite fast enough, or appropriately focused on the development needs of the field. It is too often the case that the results obtained from basic research cannot be utilized in practical applications as fast as would be necessary. This is why the innovative process of MediaTeam utilizes a faster model in our basic research, we also concentrate on problems which are typically encountered in applied research. This way, long-term basic research and faster-paced applied research can be united into a seamless entity.

Our chosen strategy is groundbreaking in the world of science, where research groups have usually focused either on basic or on applied research. Because the field of information and telecommunications technology is currently one of the fastest growing areas of research, and because both the accelerating market and, on the other hand, the swiftly developing techniques make demands of their own, our tiered model is quite justified indeed.

Our three-tier research strategy has proven to be successful: our researchers look into different application areas comprehensively, which allows them to concentrate on the main problems occurring in core areas. We emphasize teamwork and networking, and thanks to our well-designed strategy, we are a desired partner in both international and domestic projects.

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