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Ojala T, Korhonen J, Sutinen T, Parhi P & Aalto L (2004)
Mobile Kärpät – A case study in wireless personal area networking.
Proc. Third International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia, College Park, MD, 149-156.

The advanced smartphones entering the mass market are capable of playing audio and video files back, which paves the way for new types of rich mobile multimedia services. However, these services impose high data rate requirements on the wireless link, which can not necessarily be satisfied with the current mobile phone networks. This can be compensated with a wireless personal area network based for example on Bluetooth connectivity, or with a wireless local area network. This paper presents a case study demonstrating complementary distribution of static and dynamic multimedia content with Bluetooth equipped WPAN service points, a wireless local area network and mobile phone networks. The empirical evaluation conducted in the real environment of use shows that the proposed service is meaningful with commercial potential.

Full paper (PDF)

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