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Ojala T, Korhonen J, Aittola M, Ollila M, Koivumäki T, Tähtinen J & Karjaluoto H (2003)
SmartRotuaari - Context-aware mobile multimedia services.
Proc. 2nd International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia, Norrköping, Sweden, 9 - 18.

This paper presents the SmartRotuaari service system, which motivated by business and customer surveys provides a diverse set of consumer applications ranging from rapid and highly personalized mobile direct marketing to information, communication and payment services. We present results from the first field trial to show that SmartRotuaari provides a functional framework for large-scale field trials for the purpose of empirical evaluation of technology, new services, customer behavior and business models in real end user environment. Our work is based on a seamless cooperation between the various players in the R&D and business networks. To stimulate this cooperation we also extend our work to management research of value creating networks.

Full paper (PDF)

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