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The project is aimed at developing and testing technologies and earnings models for context-aware mobile multimedia services of the future. The project consists of three segments: development and implementation of a service platform, field testing with actual end users, and a value chain: technology providers contribute to the process with their own view of what could be done with current and future technologies. Respectively, shopkeepers, public bodies, and users all provide their own opinion on what is relevant to their (business) activity.

The services and technology are tested in a real end user environment: besides the people of Oulu, also tourists and visitors act as test users. The field tests give valuable information about the technical performance of the service platform, the usability of the services, actual consumer needs, consumer behaviour, and functioning of the earnings models. The service architecture and services are developed further on the basis of the results from the field tests.

The field-testing is done in phases, so that the emphasis in the summertime is on extensive, so-called exterior field tests, while the focus in the winter is on more limited interior field tests in selected indoor premises. The experiments will be coordinated from a field office, which is to be established in downtown Oulu. The content to be used in the service platform will be produced by shopkeepers in Oulu, along with actual content providers (e.g. media houses).

The research utilises previously established entities, the best known of which is SmartRotuaari, a service environment designed for and implemented in the Oulu city centre. Made public in January 2003, SmartRotuaari consists of four components: a broadband wireless local area network built in the centre of Oulu, a service architecture for providing context-aware mobile multimedia services, a number of functioning mobile multimedia services, and a Rotuaari portal, which contains the tools for producing, managing and distributing content. The portal gives shopkeepers the means to serve their current customers and reach new target groups more efficiently than before.

At the moment, the implemented prototype services include map-based guidance, mobile advertisements, personalised communication and presence information, a personalised news service, mobile payments, and Time Machine Oulu, an interactive three-dimensional virtual model of historical Oulu. Many kinds of contextual information can be applied in the services, such as information about time, location, and weather, as well as basic user information or more detailed information about the user’s mood and status. The user can, for example, receive offers from restaurants when hungry.

In addition to SmartRotuaari, the actual research environment consists of three other service areas that complement each other geographically and technologically. SmartCampus contains a local WLAN service area at the Linnanmaa campus of the University of Oulu, while Octopus, an open environment for innovation, development and testing of mobile services in the Oulu region, includes a mobile phone network that covers the whole of Finland. The research environment also contains local short-range Bluetooth service areas in Oulu city centre and at the Linnanmaa campus. The service areas allow testing of the operability of different services in various network environments and mobility between different types of networks.

Besides the above-mentioned prototype services, the service entity provided and tested in the project includes services offered by participating enterprises individually and new ones developed in the project. This means that enterprises can utilise the infrastructure offered by the project to test their own services comprehensively.

An additional example of concrete existing services is the SmartLibrary service, built in the university main library. It allows a customer using a mobile terminal device (PDA) to request map-based guidance to a certain book or collection, in relation to his/her dynamic location at any given time.

Rotuaari is a multi-disciplinary project, paying attention not only to technology but also to related business and consumer needs and desires. The approach to technology, services and business is adopted from different perspectives that complement each other.

The body responsible for implementing the project is MediaTeam. The project involves also the Intelligent Systems Group and the Oulu University Secure Programming Group from the Faculty of Technology at the University of Oulu, the INTERACT group from the Faculty of Science, the Department of Marketing from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, and Educational Technology research unit from the Faculty of Education. Other research parties include Linköping University (Sweden) and Oulu Polytechnic.

The Rotuaari project involves numerous domestic and international parties from all stages in the earnings chain of mobile business: hardware manufacturers, various network operators, software companies, content providers, service enterprises, retail operators and the public sector (City of Oulu). The Rotuaari portal can be found at

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Abstract  Full paper (PDF)

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