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6/2000 - 5/2003


The project, financed by the National Technology Agency, is planned to last three years, and it investigates fourth generation (4G) systems. The research is focused on IP telephony techniques in the 4G environment, mobility management, and measuring the capacity and data security of networks.

The main aim of the project is to create a novel end-to-end system to produce and test fourth generation techniques, applications, and services. The system comprises a prototype of an IP telephone network with the required network units and interfaces. Gateway connections to circuit-switched as well as mobile telephone and computer networks will allow a variety of value-adding features in a completely new manner. Service provider and user management elements will be built on the telephone network, enabling adapted personal and group services ubiquitously.

Demonstrative services are created for e.g. smart phones and PCs. An essential part of the entity is mobility management research developing Mobile IPv6 protocol and investigating future challenges and possibilities related to networking. The experimental system being developed is a significant step forward in the development of future IPT networks, platforms, and services. Research in this area especially emphasises global standards, such as SIP/H.323, UMTS, WLAN, IPv6, and Bluetooth.

All of the researchers taking part in the project work in two research groups of the University of Oulu: MediaTeam and the Oulu University Secure Programming Group, which concentrates on data security.

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Sun Microsystems
TeliaSonera Finland

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Jaakko Sauvola

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Heikki Saloranta

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