1/1999 - 3/2002


In the Duchess project, researchers have created a wireless office concept, according to which existing technology and traditional office applications are combined with technology developed in the project into new innovative services. The concept applies especially Internet and media telephony, which represent the fourth generation of wireless communication.

An integral part of the project is constant monitoring of media telephony standardisation, with a special focus on development and expansions of H.323 and SIP. Two media telephone SDKs (Software Development Kit) have been implemented in the Duchess project: one of them based on H.323 and one on the SIP protocol. The two SDKs support rapid development of value added services.

One specific research area chosen out of the pilot services is watermarking (information hiding), with many possible applications, such as copy protection and secret messaging. Each type of application sets its own requirements for watermarking and information hiding techniques. This is why researchers in the project have studied different possibilities to embed information in sound material, images, and video. In addition they have implemented and tested several different types of algorithms.

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TeliaSonera Finland

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TLX, Telecommunications - Creating Global Village 1997 - 2001

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Timo Ojala

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Anja Keskinarkaus

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