Application SuperNetworking (All-IP)


2/2004 - 2/2007


Application SuperNetworking (All-IP) project aims at developing a founding for All-IP applications, services and networks. Research attention is paid to simultaneous use of several applications in so-called super sessions, management of mobility and connectivity, availability and usability of services, and interoperability of applications. In the future, also mobile devices have to allow use of several applications simultaneously as well as their distribution between multiple users and various types of terminal devices.

Communication between devices in the All-IP network is based on the Internet protocol, IP. The applications to be developed allow fluid distribution of user resources in a peer network. In the network, Internet users can distribute files and applications to each other through connections created directly between devices (peer-to-peer, P2P).

The created reference framework enables speeding up the development of applications and mapping of business opportunities. The technologies to be developed will be utilised in an effort to launch local All-IP business activities in the coming years. However, the main focus is on technology with which new versatile tools can be offered to the partners. The aim of the project is to enable novel highly networked applications. For this purpose, a concrete environment will be created for the development, testing and introduction of technologies and applications.

Hence the project emphasises not only technology but also new business models and the needs of the industry. Enterprises have participated in the definition of research bases, and they are expected to contribute their visions and desires to the orientation of the project all through its duration.

Financiers and Business Partners

Elektrobit Group
TeliaSonera Finland

Research Program Affiliation

All-IP Research Focus Area (Mobile Forum)
NETS - Networks of the Future

Project Director

Mika Ylianttila

Project Manager

Erkki Harjula

MediaTeam Oulu

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