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Tauno Tönning Foundation grant to Nedeljko Cvejic

Tauno Tönning Foundation has granted MediaTeam researcher Nedeljko Cvejic (26) a grant of 3,000 euros for scientific post-graduate studies. Cvejic is preparing his doctorate thesis with the title "Watermarking algorithms and steganographic analysis of audio signals". The thesis will be completed during the year 2004.

In his thesis, Cvejic studies how audio signals can be encrypted with audio watermarking and information hiding algorithms. MediaTeam is one of the few Finnish research groups that study and develop information hiding. Information hiding is becoming a central method that is applied in digital rights management.

Serbian Nedeljko Cvejic has worked at MediaTeam for a little over two years. He obtained his M.Sc. degree in Engineering from the University of Belgrade in 2000.

According to its rules, the Tauno Tönning Foundation supports research activities pertaining to technical science and other research aiming at economic growth in Northern Finland. The foundation has become a strong supporter of research done particularly in the Faculties of Technology and Economics and Business Administration at the University of Oulu. During its 30-year existence, the foundation has given grants based on over 900 applications in a total of 2,321,000 euros. Lately the foundation has given some 50 grants annually, and the total amount of grants awarded in 2003 is 208,635 euros.

Added: 15/05/2003

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