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MediaTeam to participate in Pesti recruiting fair once again

By tradition, MediaTeam searches for new summer employees and diploma thesis writers at the Pesti recruiting fair, which is arranged in Linnanmaa on January 15th. This time the fair is a one-day event. The MediaTeam stand (30) is located between lecture halls L3 and L7 and the coat racks 25 metres from the entrance T. MediaTeam is presented in the Pesti Magazine on page 24. Information about us can also be found in the Pesti database ( in the Internet.

The Pesti fair is arranged now for the fourteenth time. A total of ca. 50 companies take part in the event, and the target group consists of thousands of university students, primarily from the field of engineering. The fair is open from 9 am until 4 pm.

The PESTI 2003 event is organised in cooperation between the Faculty of Technology of the University of Oulu, Oulun Teekkariyhdistys ry, and the students of the faculty.

MediaTeam will hire 5-6 summer employees for next summer, one for each competence team. Further information about our requirements for field of study and subject of specialisation can be found in the Pesti Magazine and at the MediaTeam stand during the Pesti fair.

See you at the Pesti fair!

Added: 10/01/2003

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