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Open source software package of Ubiquitous Oulu now available

MediaTeam has published a large set of open source code produced within its RealUbi project.

The software package contains, for example, 17 different service applications deployed to large interactive displays named UBI-hotspots: games and entertainment, as well as feedback services for citizens of Oulu, developed in collaboration with the City of Oulu officials.

Moreover, source code is available on the entire unique ubiquitous computing infrastructure of Oulu: middleware for resource and layout management of the UBI-hotspots, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for wireless communication.

The main objective of the RealUbi project (2009-2011) was to create an open urban service network for the UBI-hotspots and to develop prototype services and applications on top of it to demonstrate its capabilities. RealUbi open source code has been tested in authentic urban setting in Oulu in 2010 and 2011.

RealUbi belonged to the Ubicom program of Tekes - the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. It was financed also by the Aalto University, Bluegiga Technologies, City of Oulu, Galaxo, Nokia, Palko Interactive, Pohjolan Mylly, Pro Display, Sensinode, Symbicon and the University of Oulu.

The project was conducted by MediaTeam and Intelligent Systems Group of the University of Oulu, as well as Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

More information:
Download the software package

Added: 08/10/2013

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