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PhD defense: New mobile instrumentation middleware to understand mobile users

Denzil Ferreira presents in his doctoral thesis a novel mobile instrumentation middleware. AWARE helps to build context-aware applications, collect data, and study human behavior.

AWARE can mitigate researchers’ effort when building mobile data-logging tools and context-aware applications. By encapsulating implementation details of sensor data retrieval and exposing the sensed data as higher-level abstractions, researchers spend less time developing software and save more time for doing research and analyzing the collected data.

Ferreira´s thesis demonstrates AWARE’s use in a number of case studies. These vary in the research methods used: prototype-building; large-scale deployment; surveys; interviews; cognitive walkthroughs; heuristic evaluation; laboratory & field studies data logs; Day Reconstruction Method (DRM); and Experience Sampling Method (ESM).

AWARE helps to study human behavior in different research scenarios, such as enabling human-smartphone awareness, understanding concerns on battery life, modeling the proximity of users to their smartphones, and capturing location sharing concerns.

The thesis has been supervised by Professors Vassilis Kostakos and Anind K. Dey (Carnegie Mellon University, USA).

The public defense of the thesis will be held in OP-sali (Auditorium L10), Linnanmaa, on 6th September 2013, at 12 noon. The opponent will be Professor Andrew T. Campbell, University of Dartmouth, USA.

More information:
The doctoral thesis of Denzil Ferreira

Added: 30/08/2013

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