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New Scientist covered MediaTeam´s findings in altruistic use of public displays

The leading science and technology news weekly has interviewed Prof. Vassilis Kostakos on the recent findings of crowdsourcing mechanism on a particular spot. The original research paper behind the story will be presented in the UbiComp 2013 conference in early September.

Professor Vassilis Kostakos appears in a feature article named “Use a bus stop touchscreen to kill time – and help out” written by senior technology correspondent Paul Marks.

The story focuses on a user study made by MediaTeam to test how people reacted to and interacted with four large touchscreens set in public space with an initial message “Touch me” in them. After pushing the button, the displays invited trespassers to participate in a goodwill task. Based on statistics and camera data, Kostakos and his co-authors discuss the user behavior, and the crowdsourcing mechanism emerged in this setting.

The original research paper:

Goncalves J, Ferreira D, Hosio S, Liu Y, Rogstadius J, Kukka H & Kostakos V (2013) Crowdsourcing on the Spot: Altruistic Use of Public Displays, Feasibility, Performance, and Behaviours. In proceedings of the 2013 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2013), September 8-12, Zurich, Switzerland.

Available at:

The New Scientist article has also been reproduced by several international media outlets.

More information:
The story in New Scientist, issue 2928 [behind a pay wall]

Added: 26/08/2013

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