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Visiting UBI Researcher utilizes ubiquitous infrastructure in creating learning apps for people with special needs

PhD student and Assistant Teacher Javier Gomez Escribano from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain, is spending a six-month research visit in Oulu until the end of July. His visit is supported by the UBI Researcher in Residence (RIR) Program.

“I immediately got interested in the opportunity to visit Oulu after Prof. Timo Ojala introduced the concept of UBI Researcher in Residence at my home university”, Gomez Escribano recalls.

During his stay, Javier is designing a mobile guide for people with special needs utilizing the open ubiquitous infrastructure in Oulu.

“My intention is to create new proactive ways for moving in the city for people with cognitive disabilities. This could be for example an adapted version of traditional GPS turn-by-turn navigation systems, where images and simple directions instead of maps would guide its use”, he describes.

Javier also brought along the DEDOS system for building learning applications on multitouch surfaces such as the UBI displays. These screens offer new opportunities to design and develop collaborative applications that would help in the learning process of people with cognitive disabilities.

Javier´s work is supported by two thesis workers on special education. The one will act as the "native interface" on the mobile guidance work and the other will develop DEDOS-based learning apps in collaboration with a local special education school.

More information:
UBI Researcher in Residence (RIR) Program

Added: 01/07/2013

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