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Mediaseinä breaks the boundaries of watching TV with computational intelligence

Mediaseinä is a novel TV catch-up service that collects, categorizes and summarizes TV-programs from linear Finnish TV-broadcasting over several broadcasters.

The service uses computational intelligence to summarize novel key word lists from the TV content (in Finnish only) and allows people to view relevant content within the program.

The service allows people to browse and skim what is happening in the Finnish TV-broadcasting according to present themes. For example program categories “news”, “food” and “living” are supported, among others.

Mediaseinä-service will also try to locate a web-stream of the program from the broadcasters’ services. If the exact stream is found, it can be accessed conveniently using “Katso” button.

Unfortunately the service is Finnish only, but it is a great reason to learn the language!

For more information, contact Dr. Mika Rautiainen,

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Added: 23/04/2012

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