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PhD defence: Pervasive service computing supports the user dynamically

MediaTeam researcher Jiehan Zhou will defend his PhD thesis on Friday, December 2, 2011 at noon in the auditorium IT 116. The opponent is Adjunct Professor Timo Korhonen from Aalto University. The thesis supervisors are Professor Jukka Riekki and Adjunct Professor Mika Ylianttila.

Jiehan Zhou´s thesis introduces a novel Web service-centric solution to pervasive computing, called Service-oriented Pervasive Computing (also called Pervasive Service Computing), which enables computer systems to deal with context in the user’s environment, to dynamically discover and compose existing services, and to develop Internet-scale multimedia applications that support users’ activities.

The thesis introduces the concept of Pervasive Service Computing and its relation to community coordinated multimedia, context awareness, and service-oriented computing. The study adopts a service-oriented methodology to design a reference model for Pervasive Service Computing, for accommodating specified technical requirements and to serve as a guide for research and development.

Second, the thesis provides a concept of Community Coordinated Multimedia (CCM). To discover the potentials of discoverability and composability of multimedia applications, the thesis introduces a model for Service-oriented Community Coordinated Multimedia (SCCM), and demonstrates the idea of “multimedia application as a service.”

The thesis also introduces context-aware pervasive service composition (CAPSC) applications, and specifies three-levels of context awareness. Building on this framework, the context-aware service composition prototype is implemented.

Fourth, the author examines the overall potential of service composition in Pervasive Service Computing, distinguishes its two main functions as service collaboration, and service coordination, and then develops an ODPSC (Ontology-Driven Pervasive Service Composition) ontology.

To address the availability and scalability of service composition, the thesis introduces options for dynamic service composition in the Cloud, and develops an accelerated Cloud architecture for service composition in the Cloud, namely CM4SC middleware and its service prototype.

The thesis is an outcome of the Pervasive Service Computing project.

More information:
Jiehan Zhou´s dissertation

Added: 29/11/2011

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