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Timo Koskela to GETA Graduate School

MediaTeam researcher Timo Koskela has been selected to GETA (the Graduate School in Electronics, Telecommunications and Automation) for two years to finish his dissertation. The funding begins on June 1st.

Koskela was one of the 15 selected out of 144 applicants.

Koskela´s doctoral dissertation will deal with the next generation converged and socially networked mobile services. He will study service architectures promoting collaborative usage of peer-to-peer technologies and Web Services as well as the formation of mobile peer communities. Supervisor of the dissertation is Professor Mika Ylianttila.

The Graduate School in Electronics, Telecommunications and Automation is a post graduate program offered jointly by five universities: the Helsinki University of Technology, the Tampere University of Technology, the University of Oulu, the University of Turku and University of Jyväskylä. GETA is the largest graduate school in Finland with 68 research student positions. It is part of the national graduate school organization funded by the Ministry of Education.

More information:
GETA Research Student Positions 2009

Added: 29/04/2009

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