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Forum Nokia Champion membership to two Rotuaari project researchers

Rotuaari project researcher Jürgen Scheible from Media Lab of the University of Art and Design (Helsinki), and project’s former employee, M. Sc. Lauri Aalto have received a special distinction, Forum Nokia Champion membership for the year 2006.

A global Forum Nokia Champion recognition and reward program awards every six months a membership to a limited number of top performers, which earn recognition for having outstanding expertise in certain Forum Nokia-related areas. Forum Nokia Champions are from all regions of the world, have a variety of backgrounds, and are experts in wide-ranging mobile-development areas.

– Of course this kind of public recognition makes me feel good. I earned it for participating in discussion boards of the Forum Nokia Community, in which persons developing software on Nokia platforms carry on a conversation about technical issues. The purpose is to share knowledge and new ideas, says Lauri Aalto.

Aalto, who has gone back to industry, was awarded with one of the newest products of Nokia and a diploma. Members may take advantage of benefits accessible exclusively to Forum Nokia Champions. According to Aalto, the membership is definitely worth of mentioning in CV, and he believes that people in the field will appreciate it.

Jürgen Scheible joined the Rotuaari project in the third year. One of the his most well-known achievements is the design and implementation of MobiLenin, which has also gained international attention: Scheible and the responsible director of the Rotuaari project, Professor Timo Ojala were presented with the Best Arts Paper award of the Interactive Art Program in the prestigious ACM Multimedia 2005 conference held in November 2005.

According to Timo Ojala, it’s splendid that two experts working in the same project have gained a recognition, which can’t be earned without deserving.

– Aalto and Scheible are gifted experts acquainted well with Symbian programming. They will promote the field and inspire other Forum Nokia members and local colleagues, Ojala says.

Added: 19/04/2006

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