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Mika Ylianttila defends his doctoral thesis on vertical handoff and mobility

MediaTeam´s researcher, Lic. Tech. Mika Ylianttila, 32, defends his doctoral thesis on May 6th at the University of Oulu. The public defence of a thesis will be held at 12 a.m. in Raahensali (L10) at Linnanmaa.

In his doctoral thesis Vertical handoff and mobility – system architecture and transition analysis, Ylianttila analyses and studies vertical handoff and mobility from the aspects of system architecture and transition analysis. In the dissertation of the field of telecommunications it is shown that efficient use of available heterogeneous network connections is possible with optimal use of handoff algorithms. Dwell-timer and fuzzy logic algorithms enable utilizing a fast wireless local area connection to the fullest, as far it is beneficial for the overall network load. Connection management can be made as part of an intelligent middleware that interconnects various functionalities of the protocol stack in a plug-and-play manner.

In the holistic design attention has to be paid to the system architecture, for which the author of the thesis suggests location-aided solution. The results of the thesis consist of architectural analysis, and simulation and testbed measurement results. Theoretical framework developed by the author helps software developers and system engineers to take into account the varying telecommunication features at an edge of a radio cell better than before.

The shared usage of mobile phones and computers is getting new forms. It is already possible to make a voice call from a laptop or PC from home through a wireless local area network and broadband DSL connection to any telephone number, and calls between computers are free of charge. In the future, it is possible to transfer a call seamlessly from laptop to cell phone, when user leaves his/her home or office premises. Likewise, any Internet application, such as file transfer or video telephone, can be seamlessly used over any available network connection or terminal. Files can be downloaded flexibly over the best available network connection.

At the same time, borders between different terminals shade. Computer is a telephone, a cell phone a small computer. For example, the holiday photos taken with a camera phone can be shared among the family members, who can download them to their own home PCs with a peer-to-peer application. Seamless use of networks and terminals brings new possibilities to the application development.

Use scenarios range from remote control of home multimedia files to affordable wireless Internet voice calls, enterprise solutions and operator network services. Seamless use of heterogeneous systems is seen important in the becoming beyond third generation (B3G) telecommunication systems.

The opponents are Professor Abbas Jamalipour from the University of Sydney, Australia, and Professor Kimmo Raatikainen from the University of Helsinki. Professor Kaveh Pahlavan from the University of Oulu is the custodian.

Ylianttila graduated as Master of Science in Engineering at the University of Oulu in 1998, and as Licentiate in Technology in 2001, respectively. He has worked at the Centre for Wireless Communications unit at the University of Oulu as a researcher and a project manager. Prof. Kaveh Pahlavan and Prof. Pentti Leppänen from the Telecommunications Laboratory have supervised his dissertation. Mika Ylianttila has received funding from the Infotech Oulu graduate school for one year, and numerous scholarships for his work. He is currently working in the All-IP project coordinated by MediaTeam as a project manager and a researcher.

Added: 04/05/2005

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