MediaTeam User Generated Test Video Collection

This page contains MediaTeam consumer video test dataset: actual video data recorded with handheld camcorder and mobile device as well as the ground truth MPEG-7 metadata. In addition we have made available our Ground Truth Editor software, which allows examination of our created Ground Truth metadata and lets users annotate more MPEG-7 metadata from videos for practically any tracking purposes.

The zipped dataset can be downloaded from the link below. The zip file's folder structure determines the following parameters for the video:

  • Is the video shot indoors or outdoors
  • Name of the location
  • Is the video attentive or inattentive
The ground truth metadata in MPEG-7 format is saved in the same folder together with the video file, with the file name extension .gt. The high-level structure of the ground truth metadata files is the following:

The high-level structure of the ground truth metadata

More detailed information about the dataset can be found here

If you use the dataset, please cite it in the following manner:

J. Sarvanko, M. Rautiainen, A. Heikkinen, M. Ylianttila "Consumer Video Dataset with Marked Head Trajectories", MMSysí13, February 26-March 1, Oslo, Norway, Copyright 2013 ACM 978-1-4503-1894-5/13/02, pp. 84-89.

Ground Truth Editor

Ground Truth Editor (GTEditor) is a tool we made mainly to create ground truth descriptions for testing purposes. It was designed to leverage manual object tracking in videos. This means it can create and visualize object sequence de- scriptions that follow our metadata model. Basically GTE- ditor is a graphical tool that takes in a video file and handles MPEG-7 metadata files that relate to that video. The user can create, view and edit object sequences and read and write MPEG-7 metadata files.

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