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Photo Graduate student Nedeljko Cvejic pursues Doctoral Thesis in audio watermarking

Nedeljko Cvejic started working at MediaTeam in December 2000. It was his first job after graduating from the School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade. He found out about MediaTeam as a place of employment through the MediaTeam web site. Cvejic left his resume there and was contacted after a few weeks by Timo Ojala, who gave him further information and instructions for the application process. After initial information exchange, Cvejic had a one-hour interview with Ojala, going through the details of his educational background and practical knowledge, as well as personal details and other issues. After waiting for a few weeks for the decision of the directors' board, Cvejic found out that he was accepted. After residential and work permit formalities and arranging the trip, he arrived in Oulu on December 14th, 2000. It was a hard decision for Cvejic to come to a foreign country just before Christmas, but he decided to do so in order to apply for postgraduate studies on December 15th.

The 25-year-old Serbian now does research in the field of audio watermarking and steganography for the Information Hiding group of MediaTeam. He is also involved in the Stego project. His special research problem at the moment is to investigate the capacity of information hiding algorithms and techniques for improving robustness of audio watermarking procedures. Cvejic's main task in practice is to develop algorithms for watermarking and steganography for audio signals. He simulates the given environment in Matlab and writes reports and scientific papers about the results.

Information hiding is a rare area of research, and the research group at MediaTeam is one of the few in Finland specialising in the field. Cvejic thinks that definite progress has been made within their group, and the rate of publications is rising. Cvejic finds the new division of research groups in MediaTeam better than the previous one, and the communication also within the Information Hiding group is good.

Cvejic has been awarded a four-year scholarship from Infotech Oulu, and he is working on his doctoral thesis titled Watermarking Algorithms and Steganographic Analysis of Audio Signals. He thinks that MediaTeam is a fruitful place for dissertation work. Access to information is excellent through state-of-the-art audio processing software and on-line resources. Also the availability of books and other research material is good.

Senior colleagues gave Cvejic all the assistance that he needed in the beginning. His opinion is that MediaTeam in general offers excellent freedom in postgraduate studies, and he has been encouraged to attend all the courses that interest him. He has also learned a lot of things from MediaTeam's international employees about their countries and culture, and improved his English skills by speaking with native English speakers. Cvejic has visited two conferences abroad (Cairo, Toulouse), and is soon planning to go to Atlanta, USA as well as two GETA courses (Graduate School in Electronics, Telecommunications and Automation) in Helsinki. In Cvejic's opinion, the arrangements have been taken care of flawlessly, from plane tickets to accommodation and equipment necessary for conferences.

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