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Photo International M.Sc. student Miguel Anjo to graduate in Oulu

Miguel Anjo came to MediaTeam as an Erasmus student from the University of Coimbra in Portugal. MediaTeam researcher Nonna Kostamo studied at the same department in Portugal, and she worked as an intermediary in getting Miguel Anjo an internship in Oulu by his request.

Working both in Rotuaari and CAPNET projects, Miguel Anjo does research on Personal Virtual Storage, which he will design and partially implement within these two projects. According to Anjo, the idea behind Virtual Storage is that the data stored there is always accessible to the user, regardless of his/her location.

Anjo regards the use of cutting-edge technologies and good teamwork the greatest advantages of working in MediaTeam. He also values the feeling of responsibility for personal working hours and the sense of mutual trust within the community. The experience of working with a different culture in the peaceful and calm Finnish environment is also valuable. Anjo was also impressed by the overall image and marketing of MediaTeam.

Miguel Anjo is preparing his Master.s thesis in MediaTeam, and this will be the place where he graduates.

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