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The MediaTeam Oulu research group at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering currently employs about 35 researchers and research assistants. When we recruit new researchers, we look for talented people, who have succeeded well in their studies in Computer Science and Engineering. Fluent written and spoken English skills are necessary in your everyday work, and experience in programming will naturally earn you extra credit.

MediaTeam conducts leading edge research with the objective of making a visible and lasting impact on society. This involves technology-led research in selected areas, unique deployment of a pervasive computing infrastructure at downtown Oulu and development of "proof of concept" prototypes that are subjected to empirical evaluation in the hands of real users in authentic setting. The visible results of our past and ongoing research include, for example, the panOULU WLAN network and the UBI-hotspots at downtown Oulu.

MediaTeam is highly multidisciplinary and international in its activities, collaborating with domestic and international research partners from different disciplines and contributing to the international academic community.

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