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MediaTeam Oulu research group operates in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Oulu, located in the third floor of the Tietotalo building. MediaTeam is a multidisciplinary research group with researchers from various scientific fields. Of these we could mention electrical and information engineering and linguistics. MediaTeam is also a very international research group: our ca. 40 researchers represent several different nationalities. The group was founded in 1997.

MediaTeam conducts research on the features, use, and applications of multimedia and digital media types (image, sound, video, text) in information and communication systems. Our research combines different areas of information and telecommunications technology, with a special focus on mobility and wireless features as well as future generations of communication technology. Our main fields of interest are image and video processing, language and audio technology, information hiding as a security solution, mobile services, packet networks, and distributed computing.

We carry out research on three levels: the innovations produced by long-term visionary scientific research are utilised in applied research, which is performed in collaboration with the industry of the field. We aim at quick and efficient transfer of our research results to the industry and practical applications.

MediaTeam is a member of Infotech Oulu, which is an umbrella organisation of information technology research at the University of Oulu. We are also actively involved in the operation of Mobile Forum and operate in close collaboration with enterprises and other players in the field. Our researchers have the advantage of developing future technologies with the top names in the industry, while company representatives have the possibility to keep track with scientific research in their field.

We have research collaboration with a number of international academic research institutions, the most important of which are Linköping University in Sweden, Waseda University in Japan and the University of Maryland in the USA, with which MediaTeam has a bilateral researcher exchange programme. Our researchers have also made several-month visits to New York and Boston as well as Zürich in Switzerland. Our most important domestic research partners are VTT Electronics along with some research groups and departments at the University of Oulu.

Our financiers include the National Technology Agency TEKES, the Academy of Finland, the University of Oulu, Infotech Oulu, the EU, and the companies involved with our projects. Some of our researchers are part of the Graduate School in Electronics, Telecommunications and Automation (GETA) financed by the Ministry of Education.

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